Our Banana Wave® BananaMilk is a yummy nondairy beverage derived from our grandmother’s ancient African recipe which is made up of five superfoods including bananas, grains and seeds.

The development of FRESH START began in August of 2011 by both founders (Neter “Nature” and his beautiful mother Claudette) who are of African descent whose ancestors passed down the BananaMilk recipe through generations. The recipe has been used in the Nile Valley area of Africa since 3000 BC. The great kingdoms of Kush and Nubia used BananaMilk as a natural energy booster to perform many tasks during hot, bright and sunny days.

African’s have traveled and explored the world many times over taking many recipes such as BananaMilk with them to Asia, India, Europe and the America’s. It is with great pleasure that we present to you our family’s version of BananaMilk in which we named Banana Wave®. Our creativity and passion combined with our experienced team in production, logistics and management made it possible for FRESH START to create a solid brand of fruit, plant and non-dairy products worldwide.

Banana Wave wins Bev Star Award

2016 Beverage World
BevStar Award

Banana Wave® BananaMilk
won 1st place in the Pioneer category.